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Knobbed Whelk painting

Knobbed Whelk, Busycon carica by Amy Edwards

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About the Georgia Shell Club...

The Georgia Shell Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the appreciation of all aspects of the science and beauty of seashells. We have members at all levels of interest and expertise: from children and novices to professionals and dealers, scientists, crafters, dabblers, artists, and just plain folks.

The club no longer holds regularly scheduled meetings or publishes the Whelk Wavelength newsletter.

Our Objective is to encourage and dispense knowledge and to cultivate interest in the conservation, history, science, and beauty of Seashells.

The Whelk Wavelength was a monthly newsletter published by the Georgia Shell Club, Inc. until 1998

About the Logo Shell: Our logo shell is the Knobbed Whelk, Busycon carica. It is a common species found from Massachusetts to N.E. Florida. The Georgia Shell Club was instrumental in having the Georgia State Legislature declare the Knobbed Whelk the official state shell of Georgia.

To learn more about the Knobbed Whelk see our Whelk Page.

How to Contact the Georgia Shell Club: You may contact the club through several e-mail addresses. We have some new club officers, listed below with their addresses and web pages, where available.

Name Mail Address Web Page
Horatio Buck (President)
John Cramer (Vice President)
Bill Fulton (Treasurer)

Pat Edwards (Recording Secretary)

Christine Cramer (Corresponding Secretary)
Amy Edwards (Newsletter Editor) A. L. Edwards personal page
Steve Hilliard (Web Editor)

For suggestions and comments about this page, please contact Steve Hilliard at

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Seashell Photos: Here's a loosely formatted collection of seashell photographs. The images are in a table format, and the whole page should take approximately two minutes to load on a good 14.4 connection.

Shell Art: Amy Edwards' page has some fantastic art, including several seashell paintings.

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